Customer Quotes & Testimonials

"We had rubber belting installed in our entire dairy. At first we just had the transfer alleys and the milkbarn done, but after seeing how well the cows took to it we decided to do all the freestalls, front and rear. In my opinion we have fewer slips and falls and the cows seem to show better heats."

"We milk three times a day and by having Zig-Zag rubber it has decreased our cull rate by at least five percent. It also keeps our lameness down and keeps our cows productive and out of the hospital. I work hard to keep production up and rubber in my lanes and corrals was an easy decision and has helped us pick up about three pounds of milk per cow."
"After installing rubber matting into our new freestalls we noticed a high increase in our heat detections. Also, once the cows were settled in we noticed our hoof pads began to thicken up. I am really happy with the Zig-Zag belting  and matting, I would recommend it to other dairymen looking for these same results. "